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Tuesday Night Team News


04/05/11 Partick Thistle 2-1 The Fleet, (Not Maryhill or Baltic by the way!) Tight game but we deserved to win, new goalie injured ironically 2 other goalies already injured watching the game!
03/15/11 Partick Thistle 1-1 Team Thal, Some new faces in the team finding their feet also many players injured too, never the less it was a good game 1-1 probably a fair outcome, Thal missed a penalty in the second half.

03/01/11  Partick Thistle 1 Sin City Fire 0. 1st game down 3 points in the bag but missing 2 penalties! not acceptable!

02/08/11  Partick Thistle 1 Team Thal 2, we can play we can pass but we just cant capitalize....

01/25/11  Partick Thistle 2-6 Bad Boy Soccer, we got walloped! Only 10 players though 5 phone calls 30 mins. before kick off!.... I don't think this happens to Alex Ferguson?...their goalie should have got sent off for his 2 footed tackle on Ollie...not even a yellow card!

12/11/07 Partick Thistle 8 Elite 12.

12/04/07 Partick Thistle 7 Blackjack Bail Bonds 0.

11/27/07 Partick Thistle 6 Internationals 9.

11/20/07 Partick Thistle 9 Bullax 6.

11/13/07 Partick Thistle 6 Mexico 6.

11/06/07 Partick Thistle 4 Vegas City 4.

10/23/07 Partick Thistle 9 Elite 4.

10/16/07 Partick Thistle 5 Internationals 3.

10/09/07 Partick Thistle 5 Alumni 7.


10/02/07 Partick Thistle 6 Real Vegas 9.

09/25/07 Partick Thistle 7 Bullax 0.

09/18/07 Partick Thistle 11 Elite 12.

09/11/07 Partick Thistle 4 Barcelona 5.

09/04/07 Partick Thistle 5 Bullax 1.

08/28/07 Partick Thistle 7 Internationals 6.

08/21/07 Partick Thistle 11 United 9.

08/14/07 Partick Thistle 4 Barcelona 11.

08/07/07 Partick Thistle 5 V Town Boys 7.

07/31/07 Partick Thistle 4 Bullax 5.


07/24/07 Partick Thistle 5 Barcelona 7.

07/17/07 Partick Thistle 7 Alumni 0.

07/10/07 Partick Thistle 7 Parma 0.

07/03/07 Partick Thistle 6 Brawlers 6.

06/26/07 Partick Thistle 8 Barcelona 9.

06/19/07 Partick Thistle 6 Parma 8.

06/12/07 Partick Thistle 8 Alumni 9.

06/05/07 Partick Thistle 6 Bullax 2

05/29/07 Partick Thistle 9 Elite FC. 5.

05/22/07 Partick Thistle 3 Barcelona 9.


05/15/07 Partick Thistle 8 Flat Timers 7.

05/08/07 Partick Thistle 4 Internationals 3.

05/01/07 Partick Thistle 8 Barcelona 5.

04/24/07 Partick Thistle 4 Saprissa 2.

04/17/07 Partick Thistle 7 Elite 4.

04/10/07 Partick Thistle 9 V Town Boys 3.

04/03/07 Partick Thistle 7 Flat Timers 6.

03/27/07 Partick Thistle 8 Alumni 11.

03/20/07 Partick Thistle 8 Internationals 4.

03/13/07 Partick Thistle 11 United 6.



03/06/07 Partick Thistle 7 Alumni 10.

02/27/07 Partick Thistle 12 Dingleberries 11.

02/20/07 Partick Thistle 3 Parma 6.

02/13/07 Partick Thistle 3 Barcelona 5.

02/06/07 Partick Thistle 6 Dingleberries 3.

01/30/07 Partick Thistle 4 Bullax 6.

01/23/07 Partick Thistle 9 Alumni 9.

01/16/07 Partick Thistle 5 Parma 12.

01/09/07 Partick Thistle 5 Barcelona 8.

01/02/07 Partick Thistle 6 Dingleberries 3.



11/28/06 Partick Thistle 12 Alumni 10.

11/21/06 Partick Thistle 5 Bullax 5.

11/14/06 Partick Thistle 9 Athletico International 7.

11/07/06 Partick Thistle 3 Dingleberries 6.

10/24/06 Partick Thistle 10 Barcelona 13.

10/17/06 Partick Thistle 0 Alumni 7. Coach Billy Smith goes home to Scotland, the rest of the team don't show up. It's a bit tough playing this game when only three guys show up.

10/10/06 Partick Thistle 5 Bullax 6. First game of the new season. A good display from the guys who showed up but unfortunately it is tough to play this game without a full compliment of players.



10/03/06 Partick Thistle 7 Atletico 7. We were winning 6 - 2 at half time and controlling the game. During the second half we let the game slip so very disappointed that we only tied at the end.
Next week is the new season and fees are due - $100 per player.

09/26/06 Partick Thistle 8 Dingleberries 3.

09/19/06 Partick Thistle 5 Alumni 6.

09/12/06 Partick Thistle 6 Barcelona 9. Only two subs this is what cost us the game!! We were up 3-1 at half time but Barca`s five subs proved to be too strong in the end.

09/05/06 Partick Thistle 5 Bullax 1. Fine performance all round,well done!

08/29/06 Partick Thistle 8 Dingleberries 5.

08/22/06 Partick Thistle 6 Parma 8.

08/15/06 Partick Thistle 3 Athletico International 5.

08/08/06 Partick Thistle 8 Oromai 3.

08/01/06 Partick Thistle 6 Alumni 9. The 6.05 kick-off doesn’t do anyone any favours but it seems to affect our team more than others. At kick-off time we had four players – not good enough. We have a squad of 12 – only 3 called Billy to let him know they couldn’t make it and everyone else should have been there. Nevertheless we rustled up 6 players eventually and played reasonably well but Alumni were too strong. With their 5 subs it was only a matter of time before tiredness crept in and the game slipped away.

 This was the first game of the new season – a poor start considering we are the current champions. Things must improve.




07/25/06 Partick Thistle 9 Parma 8 (Cup Final). Congratulations are in order, a fine result in the Cup Final!. A great game and we came out on top by only one goal in the end but we were always in the lead.

Another trophy to add to our growing collection - next week we start all over again!


07/18/06 Partick Thistle 6 Barcelona 4. Semi-final of the play-offs, both teams were evenly matched with 4 subs each. Thistle had the early pressure but Barcelona caught us on the break and took a 2-goal lead. We managed to pull one back just before half-time and then in the second half we stepped up a gear and took a 4-2 lead. With ten minutes to go everything looked good and then from nowhere Jason Jenner (ex-Partick Thistle) scored two goals from nothing to tie the game 4-4 with five minutes to go. We rallied and eventually won the game 6-4...hats off to Seto Mardirossian who scored five of our goals. The other was scored by Oliver Smith.
Next week we play Parma in the final - 8.35pm kick-off. Don't be late!!!
07/11/06 Partick Thistle 8 Dingleberries FC 5. At half time we thought we had the game wrapped up at 5-2 but Dingleberries came back strong and tied the game 5-5 then we woke up and finished strong.We finished as runners up in the league,not bad,..we qualify for the playoffs next week.

06/27/06 Partick Thistle 13 Bulldogs 4. Thistle won handsomely against the Bulldogs who were not firing on all cylinders. Still in with a chance of winning the league but we need Barcelona to slip up.

06/20/06 Partick Thistle 4 Alumni 7.

06/13/06 Partick Thistle 4 Barcelona 8.

06/06/06  Partick Thistle 6 Parma 4 Another good performance – we’ve now played four games and have ten points. Thistle were always in the lead but Parma never gave up and even got a little bit of help from player/manager Billy Smith who scored two goals…one for Thistle, one for Parma!!!


05/30/06 Partick Thistle 9 Ajax 4. We had 6 subs tonight...(!)'s been a long time since we had such a turnout! Ajax only had one sub. At half-time we were up 5-2 and we looked home and dry but at the start of the second half Ajax pulled two goals back to make it 5-4. We struggled for a while but the luxury of 6 subs ensured our eventual dominance. Ajax performed well but ultimately their lack of subs sealed the deal.

 We've played 3 games and have 7 points...keep it going!


05/23/06 Partick Thistle 8 Athletico International 2. An excellent result - we have played two games and have four points. It's looking good - keep up the good work. See you next week.


05/16/06 Partick Thistle 4 Dingleberries 4. First game of the new season and five minutes before the kick-off we only
had four players which is just not good enough. The Dingleberries had twelve players up and ready to go at this point but fortunately two more of our players showed up with a minute to go so we scraped together a team. The
game kicked off and two more turned up so now we were in with a chance. We played exceptionally well throughout the whole game, defending strongly and we were very unlucky not to win this game.
The Dingleberries are one of the top teams in this league and we can hold our heads up high at a 4-4 draw.

Any outstanding fees are to be paid no later than this Tuesday and don't be
late for the games!



05/09/06 Partick Thistle 6 Black Tigers 2  Probably one of our best performances this season! This was our final game and everybody pulled together to play as a unit. When we lost the ball up front we quickly dropped back to our own help to defend and this is what made the difference.

 The Black Tigers are a good team but we managed to frustrate them every time they managed to push forward. Thistle's first goal was scored by player/manager Billy Smith which he claimed resembled Archie Gemmill's legendary goal against Holland in the 1978 World Cup in Argentina...but everyone else was too young to know what he was talking about...!
 A solid performance all around. Oliver Smith (no relation), John Bentley and new player Carlos Burger played exceptionally well and they all scored goals. Peter Stubberud has also joined the Tuesday team and gave his usual 100%. Seto Mardirossian (our top goal-scorer for both the Tuesday and Sunday teams) has decided to take a break but he will be back - we miss you already, Seto!

05/02/06 Partick Thistle 3 Parma 6.

04/25/06 Partick Thistle 7 Athletico Internationals 9

04/18/06 Partick Thistle 6 Ajax 8.

 A great game, unfortunately we couldn't hang onto our lead - we were out front for 90% of the game but with no subs (!!!!) - holidays, injuries, working, family in town, plus a hundred other excuses... cost us the game. Ajax had four subs so ultimately the outcome was inevitable. However, the guys who DID show up - Matt, Billy, George, Seto, Oliver and new player Roberto - did exceptionally well.
We are third or fourth in the league with three games to go...we can still win it! See you next week.

04/11/06 Partick Thistle 7 Parma 10.

04/04/06 Partick Thistle 6 Bulldogs 4.


03/28/06 Partick Thistle 10 Select 5. We were missing Mark the goalie who is still injured from Sunday but many thanks to Jay Van Houten for stepping in at the last minute. Oliver Smith from Skipton, Yorkshire (England) made his debut and scored a goal - well done! Matt was back from injury and it was nice to see Justin at the game...shame about Sundays...! George and Seto were in top form up front, scoring most of tonight's goals and solid performances came also from Charlie, Adrian and John Crockett. It was a competitive game and we were always in the lead but Select never gave up and tried their hardest, pushing us to our limits.
We have now played four games, have 7 points and are sitting second or third in the league.
03/21/06 Partick Thistle 5 Dingleberries 5.Very tough game, a draw was a fair result for both teams with Dingleberries missing lots of players (from their usual squad of thirty...!!!) Played three games, won one, drawn one, tied one, we are sitting in the top half of the bottom of the league, just above the relegation zone... Did you get that...?

03/14/06 Partick Thistle 6 Barcelona 7.

03/07/06 Partick Thistle 7 Athletico Internationals 5.



02/28/06 Partick Thistle 7 Ajax 5.

02/21/06 Partick Thistle 4 Dingleberries 7.

02/14/06 Partick Thistle 0 Parma 7.


02/7/06 Partick Thistle 9 Alumni 6. A good victory over one of the top teams in the league and enough for us to win the league championship again with one game left, congratulations everyone!!


02/7/06 Partick Thistle 8 Dingleberries 5. Our second game of the evening a fine win over a strong Dingleberries team, next the play offs lets go for the double!!


01/31/06 Partick Thistle 7 Barcelona 3. Thistle continued there winning ways with a fine victory at the Nou Camp!.. Ronaldinho and co failed to impress only Big Jays left foot of Barca had the Jags running scared when he turned and shot on occasion. Seto Mardrossian was in top form scoring four goals for Thistle. In the crowd tonight it was reported that scouts were watching Seto and others but player/manager Billy Smith said after the game that he was going nowhere except home for his dinner and up early in the morning for his work.


01/17/06 Partick Thistle 9 Bulldogs 7 Great result against our nemesis the Bulldogs! We came back from being 3-0 down to win the game and are now sitting proudly first in the league after four games.

01/10/06 Partick Thistle 8-6 Parma.  Great result against a top team end to end stuff but I think our  5 subs to their one made the difference in the end. We did slack at the start of the second half, Parma stepped up a gear and scored two quick goals in succession we started to look like a Celtic team at Broadwood! eventually we came round and victory was ours. We now have 6 points from 3 games and 1 point behind the leaders with 5 games to go.

 1/03/06 Partick Thistle 7 - 3 Ajax. Good performance by all a marked improvement from the previous week, the game was much closer than the result suggests.

12/27/05 Partick Thistle 4 - 10 Atletico International. We got humped.....first game of the new season in the top league, welcome back Thistle!.. excuses?.. only one sub to their four plus we played badly because most of us turned up about 5 mins before the k.o. get their early next week.

Tuesday Dec. 20th. Partick Thistle 7 - 2  United
Well done Thistle another cup final victory under our belt, we played considerably better than our Sunday performance against Aston Villa but don't let the score line fool you this was a tough game. At half time we had a slender one goal lead 1-0,as we slowly increased our lead  United had no option but to go forward and we took control of the counter attack.

Tuesday Dec. 13th. Partick Thistle 9 V Town Boys 6.

Tuesday Dec. 6th Partick Thistle 6 Par 3 Landscaping 1.

Congratulations are in order as Thistle lift the league title tonight at the indoor league. The game started with the Jags having no subs due to injuries, work and no babysitters....Par 3 had three subs, the game started cautiously but we soon went ahead, good work from Seto and George up front, Billy and George Kiss played at the back with John in the middle, Matt was the goalie. Par 3 tried hard and never gave up but Thistle kept everything tight and they found it hard to break through.

Tuesday Nov 29th Partick Thistle 7 Miller Time 0.

Tuesday Nov. 22nd Partick Thistle 3 Ajax 6.

Tuesday Nov. 15th Partick Thistle 8 V Town Boys 1.

A Superb result against a strong team. Everything went right for us and V-Town Boys just didn't seem to get any breaks. George Skrabua was like a cat in goals, still pouncing at the age of 54. Meanwhile in the other net Tim, our ex-goalie was playing exceptionally well but was just swamped by the pressure of the relentless Thistle attack. We subbed quickly and often which kept the team fresh which ultimately led to the result. We are first in the league - we've won every game except one which we tied.
Keep up the good work!


Tuesday Nov. 8th Partick Thistle 9 Internationals 7
We took our foot off the gas and let the Internationals back into the game, George Varhelyi and Seto Mardrossian were in top form, we are currently sitting 1st in the table 1 point ahead of the chasing pack.


Tuesday Nov. 1st Partick Thistle 10 FC Select 5 
We were always the stronger team in this match but  FC Select never gave up. Now we have played 3 games won 2 and drawn 1,lets keep up the good work.

Tuesday Oct 25th Partick Thistle 8 United 6. Great game we managed to just keep our noses in front during the game and right to the end.

Tuesday Oct 18th Partick Thistle 6 Dynamics 6. This was our first game of the new season in the second division. We were definitely the favorites to win this game and we had most of the chances. The Dynamics defended bravely and caught us on the counter-attack. What their goal-keeper lacked in height he made up for in every other department – certainly man of the match. We were always ahead in the game but the Dynamics managed to drag themselves back into it due to our sloppy defending. All the players knew at the end that we should have won this game but it was not to be and Dynamics have to be congratulated for not giving up.



 Tuesday Oct 11th Partick Thistle 6 Bulldogs 11.

Tuesday Oct 4th Partick Thistle 9 V Town Boys 2. At last, at the end of the season, a victory that we can be proud of! We passed well, defended well, executed well and George Skrabu had a great game between the posts. Kick-off next week to be announced…

Tuesday Sept. 27th Partick Thistle 7 Elite 9.

Tuesday Sept. 20th Partick Thistle 4 Bulldogs 8.

Tuesday Sept. 13th Partick Thistle 4 Liverpool 7.

Tuesday Sept. 6th Partick Thistle 4 Dingleberries 8.

Tuesday August 30th Partick Thistle 5 Alumni 9.

Tuesday August 23rd Partick Thistle 5 Elite 7.

Tuesday August 16th Partick Thistle 0 Barcelona 7.

Tuesday August 9th Partick Thistle 5 Ajax 6.



Tuesday August 2nd Partick Thistle 7 Miller Time 4.

Tuesday July 26th Partick Thistle 8 MNE Champs 7.

Tuesday July 19th Partick Thistle 0 MNE Champs 7. No Comment!

Tuesday July 12th  Partick Thistle 10 Elite 3 Excellent game, we defended very well. Elite lost their elitism during the second half and failed to score a goal but they are a good team and can play much better than they did tonight.  We are now joint first in Division 2 with Elite but their goal difference is better by one.

Tuesday July 5th Partick Thistle 8 Team Rental 5. This was a division 2 team (us) versus a division 1 team (them) but we played extremely well and were always in the lead. We controlled the game mainly because we defended better than we have in a long time and we frustrated Team Rental. The score was 5 – 1 with 12 minutes to go and the game opened up with a flurry of goals on both sides due to tiredness. Nevertheless it was a great result for Partick Thistle and we now stand second in Division 2.

Tuesday June 28th Partick Thistle 9 Miller Time 7.

Tuesday June 21st.Partick Thistle 9 Rovers 5.  Rovers are one of the new teams in the league and haven’t won a game so far. Our record wasn’t looking too good either, having won one game out of a possible three. At the end of the day we won the game but our defending was poor – this league is still wide open and we can still win it. Next week we play at 6.30pm against Miller Time – all fees to be paid next Tuesday or else!


Tuesday June 14th Partick Thistle 5 United 3  We had 11 players tonight which was exceptional, usually 5 or 6 is the norm...! We managed to pull it together and win our first game of the new season. United defended well considering they had no subs - we should have won the game by more goals, there again you could look at this match and say United were unlucky to lose as well.


Tuesday June 7th Partick Thistle 6 MNE Champs 8 This was our first game against MNE Champs, a new team in the league with some old faces. We had a new goalie, Tim Jackson in goals with George Skrabau as back-up. It was a close-fought game but in the end our inability to chase back when we lost the ball up front ultimately cost us the game. New player Brian Dyke played well and hopefully he will become a full team member. All fees overdue are payable next Tuesday.

Tuesday May 31st Partick Thistle 6 Elite 10 First game of the new Tuesday night indoor league season, we had some new players in the line-up. Unfortunately George Varhelyi and Joe Rohr are absent this season due to work commitments and Mark Collingbourne is still out due to injuries. Nevertheless we still managed to field the team and we were in the game but Elite’s dead ball shooting from a distance proved to be our undoing.

All fees due as soon as possible.



05/23/05 Partick Thistle 8 Alumni 10

05/17/05 Partick Thistle 5 Bulldogs 4

05/10/05 Partick Thistle 5 Ajax 6

05/03/05 Partick Thistle 4 Barcelona 10

04/26/05 Partick Thistle 7 Par 3 Landscaping 7

04/19/05 Partick Thistle 6 Bulldogs 7

04/12/05 Partick Thistle 3 Alumni 3

04/05/05 Partick Thistle 6 Liverpool 3

03/29/05 Partick Thistle 3 Team Rental 4

03/22/05 Partick Thistle 7 Ajax 6


03/15/05 Partick Thistle 5 Alumni 4

03/08/05 Partick Thistle 7 Team Rental 3

03/01/05 Partick Thistle 7 Liverpool 6


02/22/05 Partick Thistle 9  Elite 6

 Good game, we were losing 6 - 3 at half time. In the second half we stepped up a gear, everybody played well and defended well despite missing a few players who were injured.
Fees due for next season = $90 per player, payable to Billy as soon as possible.

02/15/05 Partick Thistle 5 Alumni 4

 A much better performance this week despite our top two goalkeepers being out injured. Joe Rohr did exceptionally well in goals. This week, when we lost the ball we defended well and we frustrated Alumni. Our league position is not reflective of what we are capable of achieving - let's hope we can start climbing the table with this victory.


02/08/05 Partick Thistle 6 Ajax 8
 We had this game in the bag, winning most of the time but again we shot ourselves in the foot. Simple stuff, simple stuff, lose the ball, mark a man and we just can't do it.

02/01/2005 Partick Thistle 8 V Town Boys 3


01/25/2005 Partick Thistle 8 Team Rental 11
 A dismal performance. After being down 9 - 1 at half time (which is just unbelievable) we managed to bring ourselves back into the game during the second half and make the score line respectable. Basically our defending was totally unacceptable - the basics of soccer completely ignored for a free-for-all, over-the-top attack that would make the charge at the Battle of the Somme look tame. Hence complete failure, not to mention embarrassment.

01/18/2005 Partick Thistle 8 Alumni 11


01/11/2005 Partick Thistle 12 DROR 7

 First game of the new season and we got off to a flying start - 3 points in the bag against new team DROR. This game was recorded on video - anyone who would like a copy please contact Billy or Jayne...!!! All fees are due A.S.A.P, payable to Billy, Jayne or Joanne, $80 per player.


26th October

Partick Thistle 9 Las Vegas Express 4
This was the last game of the season. Las Vegas Express were missing
some players tonight but we still managed to have a game, player/manager
Billy Smith scoring a hat trick, the first time in a few years...!!!
Next week all monies due for new season. Our first game will be
against Alumni at 6.30pm Tuesday November 2nd - don't be late and
don't forget your $90.

19th October

Partick Thistle 4 Team Rental 7
This was the semi-final of the play-off and Team Rental beat us for the
third time this season. They are definitely our bogey team but good luck
to them in the final next week.


13th October

Partick Thistle 15 Las Vegas Express 9
Quite a good game.


09/28/04 Partick Thistle 4 Team Rental 5
These games are always close but this one was on a knife edge...unfortunately our killer instinct wasn't as strong as theirs and they overcame us in the end.


09/21/04 Partick Thistle 12 Las Vegas Express 8
 Twenty goals in 45 minutes, what a mess. LV Express had no subs, we had 5 and we still couldn't dispose of them until the end. The only good thing about this game was that we actually won it.


9/14/04 Partick Thistle 6 Alumni 2. Don't let the score-line fool you, this game was very close. At 2 -2 at half-time it could have gone either way but we battled hard and got the three points.

9/07/04 Partick Thistle 7 Barcelona 3. Good game of football, well done everybody. Hope Celtic get a similar result against Barcelona next week...!

8/31/04 Partick Thistle 4 Team Rental 5

This was a very close game, with Thistle being 4 - 1 down at half-time. It was looking grim but we came right back into it in the last ten minutes - a good come-back but we couldn't scrape that last goal.
Next Tuesday 9pm kick-off against Barcelona.
All outstanding fees must be paid A.S.A.P.


08/24/04 Partick Thistle 7 - Ajax 1
First game of the new season, and we started with a good solid performance against new team Ajax. Three points in the bag - see you next Tuesday!



08/17/04 Partick Thistle 1 - Team Rental 3
Tonight was Cup Final night. We played very well but Team Rental edged us out with scored their third goal with the last kick of the ball (just to add to our misery!)
This summer season wasn't all bad, however - we finished second in the league behind Team Rental and were runners-up in the Play-Off final.
Next Tuesday we start all over again!

08/10/04 Partick Thistle 7 Alumni 4

 Despite tensions at the beginning of the game, Thistle pulled it out when it mattered and go forward to the final. Well done, lads. Next week the game is an 8pm kick-off against the winner of the Mexico DF vs Team Rental match.


 07/06/04 Partick Thistle 14 Alumni 6
 A rather embarrassing number of goals scored in a short period of time, suggesting that maybe Ray Clemence was playing for both teams... Alumni were unbeaten before tonight but we managed to catch them with a few players short. (No subs).
We have played 4 games and have 9 points along with four other teams in the top division - it's a very close race. The Tuesday night team seem to be outshining the Monday and Sunday teams at this moment.


 06/29/04 Partick Thistle 6 British Bulldogs 3
 A very entertaining game against our old nemesis the Bulldogs. We had 5 subs (where did you all come from...??!!) against the Bulldogs 2 subs. This gave us the definite edge.

6/22/04  Partick Thistle 10 V-Town Boys 8

 A very open game - 10-8 is not a score line any coach would like to see. Fortunately it did favour us - this was our first victory in the top league so I suppose we should enjoy it!


06/15/04 Partick Thistle 3 Team Rental 5                                   A very good, close game - with a few minutes to go Team Rental scored 2 goals to put the game beyond us. We were unlucky to lose and probably a draw would have been a much fairer result.
This is the first game of the summer season in the top flight division for us. Next week we play....can't remember, watch this space!!!

06/08/04 Partick Thistle 8 V-Town Boys 2

This was the final of the Final Four. Congratulations everyone on a good Tuesday night season - we did the double, winning both League and Cup!

06/01/04 Partick Thistle 7 Advanced Metal 1

 Tonight we had four subs which was unusual - nice to see Rod back in the team. Within the first five minutes we took a three goal lead which seemed to knock the wind out of Advanced Metal and when they did have a chance they couldn't get it past Mark who made some spectacular saves. They had to attack which gave us the opportunity to counter-attack which we made full use of.
Next week is the cup final at 8.10pm against V Town Boys. Don't be late, the $80 registration fee needs to be paid as soon as possible.
 05/25/04 Partick Thistle 7 V Town Boys 3
 The winner of this game (us) won the league - congratulations to all our players for your efforts! It was a close league between ourselves, V Town Boys, Advanced Metal and The Rams.

05/19/04 Partick Thistle 9, Las Vegas Strikers 4

 Only one sub but it didn't stop us taking early control of the game (get me a cup of tea, love). Half-time 5 - 0. The second half opened up a bit more, both teams relaxed and the goals poured in. Final result 9 - 4, three points in the bag.
We are joint first in the league with two games to go - if we keep winning our goal difference will ensure that we win the league.
Next week 9.50pm versus V-Town Boys.
Fees are due for the new season, anticipate $80 per head.


05/12/04 Partick Thistle 7 Advanced Metal 2
 This was a game we were all looking forward to - two teams, both of which had played four games with nine points, joint first in the league and with the added interest of Seto Mardrossian and Jon Crockett (two of our ex-Tuesday night team-mates) playing for the opposition! It was nice to have four subs even though Advanced Metal had six subs! The first ten minutes there was nothing in it but eventually Thistle started to take the lead and take control of the game. The final score was a little flattering to us, but it was a very enjoyable evening!!! Some fees still outstanding, get them paid ASAP.


 05/04/04 Partick Thistle 7 FC Barcelona 2
Welcome back Mark from his Chinese travels, even though George Skrabua stood well in the nets whilst you were gone! Tonight only one sub due to injuries, shop openings and the usual mysterious disappearances.
We started with Mark in goal, Billy, Joe and George S. the back 3, Matt in midfield and George V. up front. David Harris came late (as usual) and was our sub. We took control of the game early but the 4 - 0 halftime score line was probably a little flattering for us. Barcelona played well but lacked the finishing touch and we finished the game winning 7 - 2 with some nice 1 - 2's near the end which were a joy to watch. We continue our good run on Tuesday nights, winning 3 out of a possible 4 so far.
Barcelona, to their credit, were missing some of their superstars, notably Rivaldo and Ronaldinho!!!
Next week we play on Wednesday night 05/12/04 at 8.10pm against Advanced Metal (Seto's team). This team have won every game so far so hopefully this will be their downfall!


04/27/04 Partick Thistle 7 Sevilla 8
This is a game we should not have lost, but all credit to Sevilla - they did everything right and it paid off. Arriving late to the game is not acceptable and our over-confidence in winning our last three games was our downfall tonight. We've played four games now and have 9 points - we are still in the top half of the league but cannot afford any more slip-ups.
Next Tuesday 05/04/04 kick-off is at 8.10pm - please be at the game at least 30 minutes before the kick-off. We are playing another Spanish team, Barcelona!



04/20/04 Partick Thistle 13 The Peruvians 3

This was our third game of the season and our third victory - things are going well! The Peruvian team did start the game a man down but their players came in late and they eventually had a full squad. Mark Collingbourne still AWOL in China so George Skrabua in goal, George Varhelyi first game back after injury. He came through the game okay but still not 100%.
The Peruvian team were never really in the game but they were missing some of their first team players. Better luck to them next time.
04/13/04  Partick Thistle 7 Renegades 0
Our second game of the new campaign and our second victory. Keep up the good work, our next game is April 20th at 5.40pm versus The Peruvians. Fees payable to Billy ASAP and don't be late for the game, it's rush hour!


04/06/04 Partick Thistle 7 Rangers 0
This was the first game of the new season in the B league - George Varhelyi and Terry Devlin out injured, Seto Mardrossian has left to start a team with his brother (good luck, Seto) but we did pick up Nick and Neb from Red Star Belgrade.
Rangers were missing some of their players but the result was never a surprise. Good luck to Rangers in the future but in the meantime we are the Big Boys in this city!!!




3/23/04 Partick Thistle 9 Rangers 4
The bookies got this one right, no surprises here, the wee team Rangers tried their hardest but we were just too strong for them, even though Mark Collingbourne our goalie was AWOL! This was a play-off game, Rangers of course from a lower division, where we will be next season because we have been relegated from Division A to Division B.
Fees payable ASAP to Billy, $80 per player.


3/16/04 Partick Thistle 3 Red Star Belgrade 6
Still missing some key players, injured and on vacation. Red Star deserved the victory.
We've played 8 games and collected a total of 6 points - this is our worst season ever on a Tuesday night. We are now officially last in the A league and next season we will be playing in the B league. Obviously, we seem to be mirroring the Partick Thistle across the Atlantic - this has to stop.
This Tuesday, because we came last in our league we have been drawn against a team in the B division for the playoffs. Ironically, with all due respect, this lesser team is none other than Rangers!!!! This will be our first meeting and, unusually, Rangers will be the underdogs.

3/10/04 Partick Thistle 5-10 Mexico DF.  With a change of dates for this venue Thistle put out a sub par team with many of the regulars unable to play. It was still a good performance against the league leaders but lack of substitutes found Thistle lacking in energy towards the end of the game were Mexico DF capitalized.                

3/02/04 Partick Thistle 7-11 High Rollers.                    Another poor performance sees Thistle go to the bottom of the league.

2/24/04 Partick Thistle 4-6 Team Rental.                            More mistakes give Team Rental their first victory.

2/17/04 Partick Thistle 3-6 Alumni.                                              A sub-par performance by Thistle saw them go down to a much improved Alumni team.                                               


2/10/04 Partick Thistle 6-2 V Town Boys.                           David Harris, George Varhelyi out injured and Rod Dobson somewhere in Miami - all missed tonight's game. We took the game to V-Town Boys and found ourselves 4-0 up in the first half. In the second half we stepped off the gas a little bit, but final result was 6-2. We now have six points from three games and we're slowing climbing the table.

2/03/04 Partick Thistle 4 British Bulldogs 3
Very entertaining game, match very close, we managed to sneak a winning goal near the end and clinched the game   4 - 3. Mark Collingbourne still out with the flu, George Skrabua played well in the nets as reserve goalie.
James Martin has now joined the Tuesday team along with Nader Cheetany.

1/27/04 Partick Thistle 5  Red Star Belgrade 8

 Thistle lost the first game of the new season mainly due to losing possession and not chasing back quickly enough when the other team counter-attacked.  All fees to be paid next week, $80 per player.


1/13/04 Partick Thistle 5  Red Star Belgrade 9

Thistle went tumbling out of the 6 a side over 30's indoor cup on Tuesday night, losing 9- 5 to Red Star Belgrade. Mark, our goalie was away on holiday in Bristol, England, but substitute goalie Georgie Skrabua put on a stellar performance in goal to no avail! The rest of the team were not clicking on this night. Good luck to Red Star in the final next week, we will have to settle for the third/fourth place playoff. Kick-off 9.50pm, opponents unknown at the moment.
P.S. Does anybody know the phone number of Simon's dentist...!!!!!


1/06/04 Partick Thistle 6  Brazilian Bulldogs 1
Thistle went down 1 - 0 early on in the game but came storming back and took control of the match. The Brazilian boys were always on the defense hoping for the quick breakaway but it wasn't their night.
We finished the season in second place, table to be posted. Congratulations to Team Rental for winning the league.

12/30/03 Partick Thistle 15 Celtic 3.

Unfortunately for Celtic, on this side of the Atlantic, they are the wee team! But to be fair the Celtic players tried the best they could to hold their own but they were no match for the Thistle team who were just too strong for them.

12/23/03  Thistle 3 Bulldogs 4. Very close game, we were always one goal ahead and the Bulldogs always came back to equalize until it was 3-3. In the last few minutes the Bulldogs snatched the winner. We had no substitutes so I suppose it wasn't a bad performance.

12/16/03 Thistle waited until late in the game before they took control of a closely contested game against the up and coming side Alumni. Thistle coming out victors 9-6.

12/09/03 Thistle had flash backs from when Scotland played Peru as Universitario came out wearing the Peruvian strip (only Billy would know). Thistle though coming out victorious on this occasion with a result of 9-5.


12/02/03 Thistle won 12 - 7 over the Brazilian Bulldogs, MVP was Georgie Skrbu who scored a cracker from 25 yards. A good game and a great win!


11/25/03  Thistle played Redstar Belgrade and won 7 - 5 in a very close game. Redstar are a new team, very strong and they will have an impact on the league. There was only one goal between the teams almost the entire game until the last few minutes where we sneaked a two-goal lead and managed to hold on.

11/18/03 Opening game of the season - we lost to our great rivals Team Rental 11 - 7. We did have a few players missing but that's no excuse. All Thistle had to do when we lost the ball was to drop back into our own half like the opposing team did, and pick up a player each, and we would have sealed the game.

11/11/03 The new season starts this Tuesday Nov 18th, 9.50 pm kick-off against Team Rental. Fees are $75 per player payable to Billy on the night - see you there about 9.15 pm.


11/11/03 Partick Thistle 11 Miller Time 7
For the second successive season we have managed to lift the cup in the over 30's indoor - congratulations to everyone involved! Unfortunately we came third in the league table, hopefully this will improve next season.
11/04/03 Last night Thistle won 9-5 against Brazilian Bulldogs, very close game until about the last 5 minutes when we managed to streak ahead. More importantly, the intensity of the game stretched our nerves, especially Rod Dobson and David Harris who both got sent to the sin the same time! Our supporters were having a stressful time too - Joanne Geiger (season ticket holder) was escorted from the dugout because of her vociferous support of Partick Thistle which knew no bounds!

10/28/03 An undermanned Miller Time were no match for Thistle as Thistle win convincingly 12-6 and make it to the play-offs.

10/21/03 Thistle get back on track with a convincing victory over High Rollers 12-4.

10/14/03  Thistle loose another close fought game going down to the hands of Team Rental 4-3.

10/7/03  After going back and forth the Brazilian Bulldogs finally took control of the game and came out victorious 10-7.

9/30/03  Eleven must be Thistle's lucky number as they beat V Town Boys 11-4.

9/23/03 Thistle beat a previously unbeaten Rams team 11-7.

9/16/03 Tonight Team Rental avenge their cup final loss to Thistle last year with a comfortable 7-4 victory.

9/9/03 Thistle played a high scoring draw with Universitario 7-7




















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