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Monday Night Team News


February 14th 2005 Partick Thistle 0 Happy 7
 Injuries, injuries, injuries plus only one player who decided to take his wife out for a Valentines Day meal rather than play for the red and yellow hoops of Partick Thistle (someone has to get his priorities right Barrie Easterbrook...!!!) Hence we had only four players whilst Happy had a grand total of ten.
We decided to still try and play competitively but things weren't looking good for 4 against 6. It took Happy 15 minutes to score the first goal and we were holding them well but eventually tiredness, old age and lack of fitness took its toll and the Valentines Day massacre was inevitable...! Happy are now thinking of changing their name to Ecstatic after this victory...!


February 7th 2005 Partick Thistle 4 Wanderers 4
 Still haven't signed a goalkeeper so player/coach B. Smith was between the poles. Winning 4 - 1 with 6 minutes to go and everything was looking wonderful. Two of our goals were scored directly from corner kicks by David Martin and our new signing Michael Ogawa. At this point in the game you would think that the goalkeeper was at fault....but no. Wanderers produced three wonderful set pieces within minutes of each other which left us shell-shocked and we had to be content with a draw.


 01/31/05 Partick Thistle 2 Deportivo Azteca 3
 A much better performance this week, but we still don't have a goalkeeper so Billy went between the sticks. We were winning 2 - 1 with seven minutes to go and Deportivo kept pressing and got the end result.


01/24/05 Partick Thistle 0 Puebla 3

Our first game tonight was against Puebla and it was a fairly even first half but we had most of the chances. Unfortunately we couldn't convert as Puebla were defending very deeply. Half-time was 0 - 0.
During the second half we pushed them and they caught us on the counter-attack - not once, but three times!!! We lost the game
3 - 0.


01/24/05 will be the first game of the new season at the Community College at Cheyenne. Kick-off at 8.30pm, be there at 8pm - I.D. compulsory, registration to be completed before the game. Anyone interested in playing in the Monday night over 30's please give me a call.



07/12/04 Partick Thistle 0 Club Limon 2
 We finished 3rd bottom in the league - Club Limon finished bottom in the league with just one victory - guess who that was against... But tonight was the start of the playoffs. We had a chance to redeem ourselves and reach the semi-finals but with no subs (as usual) the extreme heat (115 degrees) finished us off. Congrats to Club Limon, good luck next week in the semi-finals.
The Monday night team will be taking a break to rebuild and we will be back in three months time for the fall league. Watch this space, anybody interested in playing for the Monday night team must be over 30, good looking and sophisticated just like the coach.


07/05/04 Partick Thistle 3 Steam Rollers 4
 We were ahead 3 times and with 5 minutes to go we customarily blew it.
 06/21/04 Partick Thistle 0 Magdalena 1
 A very close game with Magdalena being the stronger team. With only one sub we couldn't maintain our momentum and Magdalena scored late on to take the game.
06/28/04 Partick Thistle 3 Club Limon 4
 We should have won this game comfortably but due to our side not coming back when we lost the ball we handed the game to Club Limon... This was their first victory of the season.
06/21/04 Partick Thistle 0 Magdalena 1
 A very close game with Magdalena being the stronger team. With only one sub we couldn't maintain our momentum and Magdalena scored late on to take the game.
06/14/04 Partick Thistle 3 Excalibur 2
 New addition to the team - Michael Gros from London, England, made his debut and a fine debut it was too! Michael volunteered to go in goals the second half and did us proud.
We started the game poorly, going down by two goals early on. Just before half time we managed to pull one back - we went up the tunnel at half-time losing 2 - 1. Second half a very close game but we were the slightly stronger team and we managed to edge a victory, winning by 3 - 2.
Next week we play at 6.30pm against Magdalena - DON'T BE LATE! Also, all fees to be paid including outstanding uniform fees.
06/07/04 Partick Thistle 1 Las Vegas Elite 6
A disaster - only five players. LV Elite had four subs - enough said.
05/24/04 Partick Thistle 0 Steam Rollers 5
 This result is the worst we've ever had in the Monday night league. We only had one sub and two players late because of a car break-down. Steam Rollers, prior to this game, had 9 points and we had 5, however our record had been improving. Nothing went right for us tonight - we did have chances but we couldn't convert them and Steam Rollers, with their 5 subs took full advantage of the situation.
An ironic twist of fate occurred at the end of the game when we were informed that Steam Rollers had actually forfeited due to the fact that three of their players were unable to produce I.D. Let this be a warning to our team that I.D. must be brought to every game!!!
So now we have 8 points from 5 games with 5 games to go so still a chance to win the league.


5/17/04 Partick Thistle 5 Club Limon 0
Our two strikers both absent, George Varhelyi banned for the season...Seto Mardirossian suspected hangover victim....Five minutes before the kick-off we were one player short and things weren't looking good. Just at the kick-off Mohammed Roos appeared and five mins. after that Jude Ezeagu. Thistle played very well considering we were missing Rod (in China) and Barry (injured) also - we decided to defend and play counter-attack which worked really well. Club Limon got frustrated and at half-time had a slender 1 - 0 lead. In the second half we continued the same tactics and once we scored our third goal the opposition lost heart and started to open up even more. Final score 5 - 0 - we were very fortunate to have a clean sheet. We have now played four games and have five points, sitting in the middle of the league.
Next Monday, 8.30pm versus Steamrollers.


05/10/04 Partick Thistle 2 Magdalena 2
 This is our second draw out of three games. Each game has been very difficult and this game tonight was no exception. We had three subs which helped immensely but to be fair Magdalena were the stronger, younger team.
The game was tied 2 - 2 near the end when George Varhelyi got red-carded for abusive language and he's now out for the rest of the season. The North Las Vegas League will not tolerate any abuse towards the referees so now George is paying the price and ultimately the team is too. This is a warning to all players to keep your mouth shut especially when a decision does not go your way.

05/03/04 Partick Thistle 2 Excalibur 2

Very tight game, at half time we were losing 1 - 0. During the second half we played more strongly and equalized only to fall behind again shortly afterwards. We felt we were the stronger team (and considering we only had 1 sub AGAIN whilst Excalibur had 5), an end result of 2 - 2 was disappointing.
Next week we play Magdalena at 8.30pm. Please be there at 8pm with your outstanding fees.


04/26/04 Partick Thistle 0 Las Vegas Elite 2
Unfortunately our return to the Monday night league ended in disappointment with only 6 players turning up out of a possible squad of 12. It was a poor turn-out for the very first game of the season and the lack of the subs led to us losing this game whilst our opposition had 4 subs rotating continuously. We have a long way to go in this league and this is the first game of 10.
We were placed in the Silver Division - above us are the Gold and Platinum, below us the Bronze - a total of 4 leagues, tables will be posted as soon as possible.
Next Monday 05/03/04 kick-off is at 8.30pm against Excalibur - please be there at 8.00pm on Field 2. Please remember to ALWAYS bring your I.D as failure to produce it on request means we forfeit the game.



11/10/03 The Monday team will be taking a break over Jan/Feb/March season and will be replaced by 3 x 3 at Billy's every second Monday - you will be informed...!


11/10/03 Monday over 30's cup semi-final:
Cosmos 3 Partick Thistle 2
Thistle went tumbling out of the cup against Cosmos who were very much the underdogs in this game. They haven't won a game all year and our dreadful performance on Monday at least put a smile on their faces. We only had one sub but that's still no excuse, our performances on Mondays have gone from one extreme to the other which has led us to finish mid-table. In realistic terms we should be up there with a chance of winning the league.

11/03/03 Thistle managed to get a well deserved point from Cruz Azul with a 4-4 result. "Barry the Pompey Brawler" managed to keep his cool after being sent off in the teams previous match.

10/27/03 Thistle finally get the ball rolling with a comfortable victory over Steam Rollers with an impressive score of 5-1.

10/13/03 Thistle make hard work of defeating bottom of the table Cosmos coming out eventual winners 3-2.

10/6/03 A hard fought game sees Thistle take all the points against previously unbeaten Chivas with a score of 3-1.

9/29/03 Thistle go down again to R.S.Krajina 3-2.

9/22/03 Thistle continue to have goal scoring problems as the Knights put on an excellent defensive display and counter attack to beat Thistle 3-1.

9/15/03 Injuries and the sending off of Barry the "Pompey Brawler" see Thistle go down 4-1 to Cruz Azul.

9/8/03  Thistle have their best game yet beating Steam Rollers    4-1.

8/18/03 Thistle get back on track with a 3-2 win over Cosmos.

8/11/03  Thistle opened up the Men's Monday night Gold 30+ division with a close loss to Chivas going down 1-0.




















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